Why are Chelsea players running away from the club?

An observation:
The record money that Chelsea offers a club can buy its players but it does not buy that player minutes off the bench. This is what Andriy Shevchenko and Michael Ballack will face in a few years, as some other big star rolls out from another of Chelsea’s production line.
An essential corollary:
A players worth is inversely proportional to the time spent benchwarming.

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6 comments on “Why are Chelsea players running away from the club?
  1. Not true for all games. Mariano Rivera comes off the bench in the last inning and saves tons of games for the Yankees. Imagine the number of clubs ready to pay top dollar for this guy.

  2. Duff, Bridge, Wright Phillips, Crespo nobody is going to spend more than a couple of seasons in Chelsea. Everybody in that team is expendable. Ballack and Shevs will soon find out.

  3. What rubbish: does no one realise that this guy says that the more expensive you are, the longer you spend on the bench. that man should be castrated and have his fingers chopped off to stop him venting his crap

  4. Harry, you sound disjointed. Get it together, man. And look up ‘inversely proportional’ while you are at it.

  5. The answer is simple. The players whao have left were simply not good enough. There remain a few who are also not good enough, but whose valuation has noot been matched by an appropriate offer.
    End of subject !

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