Four stars for Italy

Italy will parade the World Cup Trophy around Naples’ San Paolo stadium on Saturday before its first competitive match since winning the title last month.
The Azzurri also will unveil a fourth star on their jerseys to honor their latest World Cup victory when they play Lithuania to open 2008 European Championship qualifying.
Italy haven’t won the European Championship in quite a while – the last vicory was in 1968
“After a World Cup victory it’s understandable for a bit of a letdown, but we’re already thinking about our next objective,” captain Fabio Cannavaro said. “We want to win the 2008 European Championship. We haven’t won it in a long time.”
More on their preparations here

One comment on “Four stars for Italy
  1. I find it disgusting that Italy’s first World Cup win is still considered legitimate. Mussolini bought and pressured that tournament’s referees and all of them were fired when they returned from their home countries. I don’t consider that Italian victory as legitimate at all.

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