Inside track: Gerrard edges Terry for England job

There seems to be a gradual consensus that Steven Gerrard is the better candidate for the captain’s job than John Terry. It comes down to the small nuts and bolts: Although John Terry is the captain of the Blues, winning two consecutive Premierships, he is a star amongst many stars, a phenomenon enjoyed by the amount of money that Chelsea throws on players. Gerrard, in contrast, has done more with far less. His strength seems to be that he seems to be able to rally his men in the most difficult of situations. Would Jose Mourinho like to trade in the Premiership titles for the European Championship? Absolutely! I don’t think anyone seeing Gerrard play that day could have walked away, not wishing that this guy should be on my team, whether a manager, player, or a fan. He proved that again in the FA Cup. Gerrard seems to be the sort of player who steps up his level of play a notch or two everytime you need it. With some extrapolation that is what inspires other players too. John Terry is a steadier sort. However England need less defence and more attack at this point. Gerrard provides that.
Both are deserving of the job. Remember it has been a long time that England has had the luxury of so much wealth. We really need to see this as the post- Beckham era, the end of the boy toy squad.
But don’t take my word Peter Beardsley breaks it down very nicely for us, as to why Gerrard would be a better captain. See if you agree >>
Steve McLaren makes his decision this Friday.

2 comments on “Inside track: Gerrard edges Terry for England job
  1. Gerrard (and Lampard) is/(are) absent when it comes to the real crunch, as in the World Cup – Terry steps up to the table. Its a no brainer.

  2. In case everyone missed it, Terry has officially been named the 3 Kittens Captian, while Gerrard is Vice-Captain.

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