Its curtains for David Beckham

There was no way a sane manager was going to take David Beckham back into the team to play a full 90 minutes of football. The issue was whether to play a limited number of minutes or to play him at all. Steve McLaren chose reason. David Beckham is gone and the World Cup match against Portugal was his last in his international career. This might shorten his club career at Real too, since it is the sort of club that boasts of a number of players that they have playing in the national squads. Beckham did not have afruitful 2005- 2006 season because he was hurt a lot and was sent off in three games, and when he played was not productive. One goal and 26 crosses is not very much when you have paid about €35 million. I am sure being dropped from the squad is not going to go down too well with Fabio Capello, Real’s manager who has got loads of goodies from the Juventus fire sale. I think he will look for a transfer where he can recoup some of the money or just grit out the reamining contract and send a message to Beckham by not playing him. But which club can take such damaged goods? I am not saying that Beckham cannot be productive, he still proved that he can be the best in set pieces. It is just such a risk. You are always left second guessing when you don’t win whether Beckham should have been in the game.
So does Beckham return to England? Not very likely. He has burned his bridges with Man U. The other top Premiership teams are pretty much settled on their choices. i really don’t see Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Newcastle, and Liverpool falling over themselves to get him. What about Aston Villa or Fulham? Too much money for these cash strapped clubs. Teh there is too much baggage with English fans.
The Bundesliga? Maybe. Set pieces count for a lot there. It is slower paced. The German press needs a player with glamour because the World Cup has gone and now they only have Lukas Podolski to gossip about. A few trips by Posh to a Bayern game will increase You Tube downloads of the Bundesliga games.
However, the best bet is the USA. He already has a coaching academy in LA. He can join the LA Galaxy and get 90, 000 people to see him. No one in the US can score a free kick like him. Hire a casting agent who can then squire him around for film roles that he will get in plenty. And of course, all that modeling for Giorgio Armani clothes and perfumes. Gatorade commercials with Kobe, Michael, Bonds. Plus, Posh can launch her singing career again. Beckham’s days are just beginning.
Anyways, to tell you the truth, I have never been a fan of Beckham and I think most of the Soccerblog people are also of the same mind. This should be a great relief for English football fans all over the world. We can get on the task of putting together a squad that comes to play football. So simple, yet so difficult. It has been a long time but we have had talented players who just did not want to play the game or hard working but untalented players who played the game. After 16 years this is a chance to get it right.

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