Steve McLaren: A man in control or plain doggone rash

Steve McLaren has already shown that he is ready to take outsized chances. He has booted out Beckham in a clear and diplomatic way. An impressive part of McLaren’s choices and that which already sets him apart from Sven is that he is making it clear that the beneficiary in all of this is the betterment of English football. With Sven it was never clear who the beneficiary was. Sven’s favorite players, Sven himself, the FA league?
So let the debate begin. We see the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. The press and media coverage on the English team overwhelms that of the Brazilian squad but with their results, they really should get as much space as Togo. Lets hope the hype matches up in the Steve McLaren years. But at this point the man means business. With Beckham gone, the media coverage, should come down to Togo levels (well, the Brit tabloids will disagree). We will take that.

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