Steven Gerrard set to take over as captain

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He could be wearing England’s armband
I think it is a step closer. The news that we are waiting for. Steven Gerrard is going to be anointed captain of the English team tomorrow. John Terry is as deserving but I don’t see how Steve McLaren can ignore Gerrard as the better choice.
Former Reds who have been captain of the national squad.
Kevin Keegan 31 caps as captain.
Emlyn Hughes 23 caps as captain.
Keegan’s career as a player was stellar. Keegan was one of the best strikers of the ball in the 70’s and 80’s and Liverpool was the best club in those days winning 1 European Cup, 2 UEFA cups, 3 League championships, and 2 Charity Shields. Keegan was the English captain from 1973 to 1982 but his career as captain was quite unremarkable and coincided with a period of time when English football went through a decline. He was also England’s manager for a brief period of time for less than tear in 1999. .He resigned when England did not make it to Euro 2000. Keegan was never the smartest of people, quite bone-headed actually, and extremely sentimental.
Steven Gerrard is sharp and absolutely the opposite in temperament >>
I think the present squad is the best to come out of England for a long, long time. It is just unfortunate that they got Sven to manage them, Beckham to lead, and a host of injuries. Gerrard just might be the one to turn things around. He has done that for Liverpool consistently for the last 5 years.

3 comments on “Steven Gerrard set to take over as captain
  1. McClaren has apparently asked some of the senior squad who would prefer, and most have said Gerrard. This is where the story comes from.
    I don’t think an announcement will be made until the friendly game though.

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