Transfer update: Ribery back at OM, Kuyt plays coy

Franck Ribery changed his mind and has renewed his contract with Marseilles. “It’s true that I said I wanted to leave,” Ribery said. “But I have not forgotten that Marseille is my club, and I love this jersey.”
I think he will leave. Ribery’s agent will be negotiating somewhere midseason with Arsenal and next year he becomes a Gunner. Meanwhile, Dirk Kuyt is where? He was linked to Liverpool and now it is the Magpies. Is it the ferry ride from Newcastle to Rotterdam? I think he will stay on at Feyenoord.

One comment on “Transfer update: Ribery back at OM, Kuyt plays coy
  1. i think kuyt is belong to liverpool,why Rafa doen’t see any other player to liverpool,is only Kuyt,real we have great disere to see him in liverpool shirt,this means he deserve to play on our side,kuyt has to think twice

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