Who wants Franck Ribery?

Franck Ribery is not happy at Olympique Marseille joing a long list of disillusioned players in this very active transfer season. He wants to play for a European championship club. As is the wont with every rumoured transfer, this too has been linked to Manchester United. He might be just what Man U need, another speedy attacking midfielder, who can attack down any flank. Rumours have him interested in Arsenal except that Arsenal’s first priority should be a back, like William Gallas.
Ribery will probably land up at Lyons. But Ribery should be a success wherever he goes, he is a ubiquitous ball of energy. The problem is that Ribery also has itchy feet and usually does not end up playing too long for any one club. This will be his eighth transfer and he is just 23 years old.

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One comment on “Who wants Franck Ribery?
  1. From Onze, I had a poster of the Marseilles team up for months; but did not realise Ribery was on it, I don’t even see that “scar”; gys done well, the one new name from the World Cup.

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