Arsenal and Tottenham: Bitter rivals are having a bit of a tough go

The Emirates stadium is not proving to be too lucky for the Gunners. They managed a draw with Middlesborough, 1-1. Arsenal in the last 3 games has developed this disturbing trend towards controlling the ball for 70% of the game, remaining extremely susceptible to counterattacks and not able to finish of chances. Cesc Fabregas is doing very well with his passing but he seems to lack the penetration, and Thierry Henry just does not seem quick enough. The Gunners have lost one and drawn two.
Tottenham lost to Manchester Utd, 1-0, in a game, that they controlled most of the second half. Again, they could not finish. To be fair, the Spurs look like a team with a bunch of new players, trying to get acclimatized to each other, Didier Zokora, Pascal Chimbonda, Mido (not exactly new), and Ledley King (back after a number of months). The Spurs have lost two and won one.
It is too early to get panicky but this year no club can be taken as pushovers. Every win is important. At this stage, it looks like this years Prem might be an extremely tight one.

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  1. Arsenal is my favorite club in the EPL and I’m really worried. It’s been incredibly frustrating to watch their performance so far and each time the camera pans over to Arsene Wenger creasing his forehad getting older by the minute, all I want to do is scream! Was it absolutely necessary for them to move to this new stadium? Is it cursed? Because that’s what it looks like – they’ve been playing beautiful football, controlling so much of the ball but never ever score. Watching them play has seriously compromised my nerves!

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