Ashley Cole vs William Gallas: Who got the better player?

William Gallas: A wall: Physical, versatile, and a great tackler. The attack has to go around him. Can play anywhere in defence. Scores critical goals too. Big reason for Chelsea’s stingy defense. Low key. Should definitely appreciate the French flavour in Arsenal.
Ashley Cole: Speed: A position specialist, and a creator. Good at starting counterattacks. The Joe Cole- Ashley Cole duo down the left, along with Owen Hargreaves were the few bright sparks in the England attack this World Cup. High maintenance.
The Prem is on Euro watch and action begins with all the exciting new signings, the next weekend. The Cole saga is finally over and a fierce debate has broken out on who got the better deal: Arsenal or Chelsea. Either way, another bit of bad blood, between the two clubs. I am biased, I think Gallas is a far better player than Ashley Cole and £5m is a nice bit of change to go with it. Wenger outplayed Mourinho, no question on transfer day. I hope this translates onto the field. Either way, look for Ashley Cole to get a warm welcome when he visits the Emirates. I don’t think Ms Tweedy will be there either.

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