Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal: Be warned, this year’s Premiership is not about you!

Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano come to West Ham, Kanu is on fire at Portsmouth, Aston Villa is being marshalled by maestro Martin O’Neill, Everton is climbing up the ranks with Andy Johnson, and gangly and slow Shola Ameobi at Newcastle is showing that good things happen when he gets his long legs on the ball. Wigan have Valencia and now Graham Kavanagh. Newly promoted Reading with Leroy Lita are proving to be no pushovers.
Last weekend, I saw the Blues struggle against Blackburn, in a 2-0 win. It was Andre Ooijer, the new Rover acquisition, in an awful debut, gave the game away to the Blues on both occasions, due to mental meltdowns. Lampard scored through a penalty, after Ooijer draped himself over Terry in the box, and then Drogba muscled his way past a sprawling Ooijer for a splendid goal. But before all of this happened, the Blues were playing with 10 disjointed men on the field. Only Petr Cech looked sharp. Chelsea’s midfield is going through a population explosion, with Ballack, Lampard, and Essien clogging up the field.
Arsenal played Manchester City and lost for the first time in 19 encounters with City. They did everything except put the ball into the net. Beautiful pretty passes all strung in a row with the finesse of E Jogo Bonito but when it came to the actual execution, the Gunners failed. Thierry Henry, usually automatic, must have got at least 4 good looks at goal and failed. Arsenal is still searching for its first win. They have made news for all the wrong reasons.
Liverpool has had a indifferent start to the season, with a squeaker against Sheffield United. Manchester United have had an impressive start to their season but tougher times lie ahead with the new players that other clubs have managed to get. Meanwhile all those Owen Hargreaves rumours have finally been put to rest. Bayern Munich managed to pull the wool over Sir Alex by signing Mark Van Bommel and keeping Hargreaves on for at least another 6 months if not the whole season.
This Premiership season is wide open. It could be West Ham, Aston Villa, Everton, Portsmouth, at the end of the season. Good times for these small clubs and a boost for those who despair of dynasties.

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13 comments on “Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal: Be warned, this year’s Premiership is not about you!
  1. Comon mate, its only 3 matches and Arsenal has 2 matches already… you spoke too soon… we shall see after 10-15matches… by that time all the players in top 5 clubs will be fully match fit and regain their scoring sharpness… you spoke too sooooooooooooonn….

  2. Oh come on you fucking idiot – take your head out of your ass and let your erection subside. You don’t have a fucking chance to make a dent in the premiership. Wake up and smell the burning – those players didn’t come to West Ham for legit reasons – they’ll fuck off as soon as they get the chance.

  3. stop spamming newsnow with this fucking crap or I’ll have you reported and removed (I’ve had 4 spam football blogs kicked out now)

  4. Getting 2 players like that is great for the Hammers, but it’s not miraculously going to somehow allow you to just stuff everyone else week in, week out. They’re new to the league and may not turn out as good as they have been elsewhere (although I think that’s unlikely). As for dynasties, you may well be one yourselves soon – Taken over by foreign money – Some millionaire’s plaything.

  5. well said arsehole..since were already 3 games into the new season–let just give manu the title now and not bother playing the other 35 games–seeing as how the table is wide open!! manu will continue on undefeated this season, as will portsmouth, aresenal wont win a game, kanu will score 148 goals to set the record.

  6. I’d love to see more parity in the league (although not resulting from the same shadey business practices employed by eastern european oligrachs — brokering russian arms sales to Nigeria for oil to pay Kanu’s salary, for instance).
    But what most likely explains things is that the World cup knackered Chelsea and Arsenal (who were 1st and 2nd best represented of all the clubs in Europe), while the other teams are well rested, had solid pre-seasons and are really up for as good old fashioned English teams should be.

  7. How can does teams finish above teams with players such as ars-henry,fabregas,touré, che-terry,lampard,shevchenko, liv-riise,gerrard,bellamy, man-ferdinand,ronoldo,rooney.Give me a break. Is this a joke, because if it was well bravo, i was crawling on the floor.

  8. Do you think tevez and mascherano will transform west ham into a world class team? Do you think Kanu will outscore the likes of Henry, rooney,sheva… and even if he does, it’s with the goals of Kanu that you can win the title.Will O’Neill outsmart Wenger, Bénitez, Mourinho and Ferguson.

  9. The notion of a wide-open Premiership always SOUNDS great, and nice starts by some unfancied clubs gives everyone a little kick in August, but…
    It’s a long road to 38 games, and eventually talent and depth just rise up through the table like corks in water.
    I’m an Arsenal fan, disappointed by the start (of course) but how can you panic when there’s talent all over the place, you’ve gotten plenty of chances in both games and a whole wave of key players are just now getting healthy?
    Everyone wrote off Arsenal as dead and buried halfway through last season, and they not only rushed up to finish fourth but reached the CL final.
    There’s a reason the big clubs are, well…big.
    It’s money. Chelsea was just another West Ham or Charlton until Roman showed up with a zillion quid. But it’s scary to base a club’s entire future on one man’s money. If anything at all happens to Roman, Chelsea are bankrupt.
    West Ham could be headed down that same road. Enjoy the new talent but be beware!
    Meanwhile, Liverpool, Man U and now Arsenal (with the stadium) are built on foundations of solid rock and will be forces in England forever and ever.
    I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, but it’s true.
    Hey, I’m an American living in Scotland and my U.S. baseball team is Kansas City!
    Will THEY ever win another title in a free-market sports world? Not a chance.
    So at least I can say I see this disparity from both sides of the fence. I wish there were a way to enforce a salary cap throughout Europe (like American football), but sadly it’ll never work.
    Meanwhile, I guess I’m now singing for William Gallas instead of the money-hungry Cashley Cole.
    Welcome to the real world.

  10. Chelsky they’re such a joke. But
    so is this ‘article’.
    West Ham for the title?
    Don’t ever think so, despite news gold dreams ’bout becomming the new PL-billionairs club with MSI as the new cashfeeder.

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