Emir Kusturica’s Maradona: Out in 2006

Maradona shows his solidarity!
Look out for Emir Kusturica’s documentary on Diego Maradona in post production now. It is due for release sometime at the end of this year and has an awesome soundtrack by Manu Chao. If you are a big fan of Kusturica, you should enjoy this documentary. I really enjoyed his movies Underground and White Cat, Black Cat.
Emir Kusturica has talked of this project several times :
“It is the first film that will treat all the aspects of the life of Maradona.
The film will be very complex to make, because I want to show the true personality of Maradona. Football is a science of a great mathematic precision !
The film ends when the former football player is in good health, and has no more addiction to drugs.
The film will show “the three Maradonas” I’ve discovered during the shooting : the football teacher, the politically incorrect citizen against the unilateral politics of the USA and the family man. These three Diegos will be in the end of the film I will shoot in the Aztec Stadium in Mexico, where Diego scored one of his most famous goals, during the World Cup 1986 against the English team.”

Maradona lovers, you will not want to miss this movie! Soccerblog will keep you posted on its release.Go to Kusturica’s website >>

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