Homeless World Cup final today

Mr. Adolf Ogi, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace sent his special congratulations to the organizers and the hosts of the Homeless Streetsoccer World Cup in Cape Town.
Archbishop Desmond Tutu was also there to welcome the players from the different nations.
‘All over the world, I want to say, we’ve got to end homelessness. Everyone should have a home; it’s a right and not a privilege,’ he said.
‘People treat the homeless as if they’re sub-human. In order to overcome this discrimination, we have to unite against homelessness as we did when we fought apartheid,”.
Tutu also said that although he wished he could be nicer and tell all the teams he hoped they would win, he could not.
‘I want South Africa to win. I like you Nigeria. I like you Zambia. But the cup must stay here in South Africa. I wish I could be nice, but no,’ Tutu told the teams.
Unfortunately his support was not enough to keep the South African team from getting knocked out somewhere along the way.The finals are due to be played between Russia and Kazakhstan at 5:30 pm Saturday

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