League attendence records: Man Utd tops

Manchester City ranks 8th. So we can forget that oft repeated claim that they have more fans per game than their bigger rivals. Will the Emirates stadium vault Arsenal (4th in attendence) over Man U in attendence? Carlitos and Mascherano should get the Hammers attendence up from their present 12th position.
Numbers on the touchy topic of club attendence. Check out your club >>

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3 comments on “League attendence records: Man Utd tops
  1. I’m not sure what you mean about “Will the Emirates stadium vault Arsenal (4th in attendence) over Man U in attendence?”
    How’s that going to work (besides the fact that it is ‘attendance(s)’ not ‘attendence(s’)and you should use the plural ‘attendances’ as we are talking about culmative figures of multiple attendances) when Arsenal need a full house every week just to maintain a short fall of 15,000 on regular Old Trafford attendances? Are you predicting a dramatic slump in attendances for Manchester United home games?

  2. And it is ‘cumulative’ not ‘culmative’ as we all seem to write nowerdays. Just to show I can check my own writing for incorrest spelling!

  3. Hi Michael
    Attendance it is. Thanks for attending to it! I actually thought that the Emirates had about the same capacity as Old Trafford. According to the Arsenal website it is 60,432.
    Old Trafford before it went through it’s recent reconstruction phase, seated 61,000. Now it can seat 76,000, end 2005-2006 season.
    With more expansion, it will go upto 96,000. So there is no way, that Man U will ever lose its advantage in attendance. Unless, they play very, very badly.

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