Oligarkh: The movie on Boris Berezovsky or Platon Elenin

A movie loosely based on Boris Berezovsky who changed his name to Platon Elenin based on a character called Platon in the movie. Berezovsky has been in the news recently, as he is rumoured to be behind the negotiations to buyout West Ham, a story that Soccerblog has extensively covered >>
The plot summary:
During the Gorbachev years, Platon Makovski and his four buddies are university students who jump on the private capitalism movement. Fast-forward 20 years, Platon finds himself the richest man in Russia, having sacrificed his friends to get to the top. But with this cynical rise, comes a brutal fall.
The plot is off the mark: Actually the oligarchs were all created by Boris Yeltsin’s penny sales of Russian investments to 23 people in 1994, and Anatoly Chubais, the guru of privatization, who did not introduce measures to allow or encourage ordinary Russians to invest in their own companies, in those years.
Here is the information on Oligarkh

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