Sol Campbell on Racism

This Kick It Out interview with Sol Campbell is rather pedestrian, but it does tell you about Arsenal’s strategy and how they became one of the most “global” teams, if you will, in the global game.
“Arsenal are involved in a lot of community projects that link into schools. It’s very important for people to feel the club is part of their community. I’ve been involved in a school and community project in King’s Cross, north London. It does lift people if players and the club get involved in the community. Everyone feels part of something. The club is helping the community and in return it might get more supporters. That’s the beauty of football, it crosses boundaries and breaks down barriers. It’s great to see a good mix of people enjoying football. That’s why I love being a part of it.”
Pity Campbell had to move on to Portsmouth, but he’s already made a real difference for them.

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