Why would anyone want Zidane’s sweaty jersey?

Now the truth is told. Materazzi did not want Zidane’s jersey, the one that he kept tugging, and one that Zidane offered. Zidane walked into this one. He was asking to be hurt. And Materazzi, having seen his share of sweaty jerseys, declined the offer and came up with one of his own. He preferred Zidane’s sister.
Materazzi is not a bad looking guy and Zidane’s sister might be easy on the eye too (I have not seen her but with Zidane’s decent looking mug, good looks might run in their family), and in some other circumstances, they might have made an attractive couple. But seriously, the World Cup final is no place to ask for a date. Bad move on Materazzi’s part. However, Zidane could have just politely rejected Materazzi’s overtures to his sister.
More interestingly is that Materazzi’s revelation takes the sting away from the French public’s reaction to the whole headbutt affair. Many French fans although supportive of Zidane’s action, might now be wondering why this was such a big deal. Even I thought this was a much bigger deal, even expressing that Materazzi was getting away with racial epithets.
Materazzi obviously calculated statement before this very important game, might have the French fans reconsider that lightning strike down the accursed Azzurris, focusing on the game, and not so much the freakshow that this became during the World Cup. This game is very important to both, as Italy have been struggling under new coach Robert Donadoni, and eked out a draw against Lithuania. France is looking to cement its place as the best European team in the post Zidane era.

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3 comments on “Why would anyone want Zidane’s sweaty jersey?
  1. Materazzi has zero credibility. And you’re making the same mistake that everyone else is making about this incredibly overhyped incident: that Zidane’s reaction was solely due to whatever it was that Mattiboy said. It was much more about what had gone on throughout the entire game beforehand, plus outside issues like the enormous pressure Zidane was under, his mother being very ill, his mentor and 2nd father suddenly dying during the tournament without Zidane speaking to him a final time, the constant racist abuse the team suffered by racist politicians and media in France and in Germany whenever the team got off their squad bus (being met by loud racist fans more than once). He was in a lot of pain with his shoulder and he’d just seen three of his most critical players leave the pitch exhausted and wounded. Plus he’d been singled out for verbal and physical abuse throughout the match, and the referee never acted. I do agree that he fell for a stupid (and dirty) trick – and I think a deliberate one (Materazzi’s done it before). But his action had a much greater context than a few filthy words hurled by a player who belongs nowhere near the sport.

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