Dunga tries new tactic

Brazil’s national soccer team arrived in the Swedish capital on Sunday for a friendly against Ecuador sometime this week.
Coach Dunga has made the players revert to the old practice of sharing rooms in a bid to improve fighting spirit and teamwork.
Pele approves.
‘I have confidence in Dunga’s capabilities, I think he has everything he takes to be a great coach,’ he said on the Brazilian Football Confederation’s (CBF) official website.
The media in Brazil were not so supportive of Brazil’s recent 4-0 win in Kuwait against a team which was called the Kuwait National side by THE CBF’s Web site but turned out to be a Select XI based on a local club.

One comment on “Dunga tries new tactic
  1. Dunga is a man of pride, a passionate footballer who believes that he has the players to successfully beat any country. He has the vision. I admire his wisdom, devotion, and most of all his love for his country. This recent COPA AMERICA was won because Dunga believes in each and every player and they saw his vision. They delivered. Thanks to Dunga and his brilliant squad. VIVA BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!

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