The road to South Africa – another bump

NSW Premier Morris Iemma has called on FIFA to award the 2010 World Cup to Australia as uncertainty continues to plague South Africa’s attempt to host the world’s biggest sporting party.
Blatter had recently expressed concern that, although all the plans were in place, work on the new stadiums had still to arrive at the pick-and-shovel stage.
Other problems include a lack of a transnational rail system to take the increased weight of traffic during the world cup .
More serious – rampant crime.
South Africa has a crime wave that is only surpassed by Colombia. In 2004, there were 19,000 homicides.
There is an online petition to change the venue from South Africa to a safer country here.
Morris Iemma said yesterday that Australia had an” international reputation for hosting major events like the 2000 Olympics,” .
“We have the infrastructure and the capacity to step into the breach at a moment’s notice. If it can’t come off with South Africa, and there are doubts that it can, then we are by far the best alternative.
Here is a collection of fifty reasons why Blatter will surely come up with a speedy solution to this problem soon.

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