West Ham’s best player: 40 year old Teddy Shearingham

West Ham 2 Blackburn Rovers 1
Teddy Shearingham showed why intelligence and experience over skill is infinitely preferable as he headed a cross by Benayoun past Brad Friedel. It also says very poorly of the two stars Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano that their impact has been negligible in West Ham’s 10 match drought.
Shearingham who by any standards should have called it a day has replaced Tevez with a positive effect on West Ham’s game. Today’s game showed that the veteran has a few tricks up his sleeve still left as West Ham beat Blackburn, 2-1 and gave Alan Pardew some breathing space.
Meanwhile it is deja vu for Tevez who was brought in by Corinthians to preserve their lock on the Brazilian League and faced the same problem as Corinthians lurched from one loss to another. By the time he left for West Ham, Corinthians were dead last in the league table. And now West Ham faces the same situation with Tevez.
The Brazilian media are having a field day, chortling that a 40 year old player, twice the age of Tevez is showing him how to play football. Not much love lost between the Brazilians and the pair of Argentinians, who they consider as turncoats for dumping Corinthians and running off with the shady duo of Boris Berezovsky and Kia Joorbachian, who offered them up as down payment for control over West Ham.
Globo Esporte calls it the Curse of Tevez (A maldição de Tevez), Astral Hell when Javier Mascherano got bitten by Jermaine Defoe. Other magazines document the number of minutes that West Ham went without a goal with Tevez in the team calling it a joke. Now, they are rubbing their hands in glee as Kia Joorbachian contemplates bringing in Carlos Alberto, also of Corinthians to West Ham during the January transfer.

2 comments on “West Ham’s best player: 40 year old Teddy Shearingham
  1. What a bunch of drivel…have you ever REALLY watched Brasilian football? Or are you going on what you have read? Tevez came in and saved the Corinthians…they went downhill when he did not play after the world cup…and soon after he left, they went further and further downhill…Tevez was the backbone of Corinthians every single time he played…Do you know how many goals he scored for them? Did you know they won the brasileiro based on his performance…Did you know he was voted Brasil’s best player of the year?…thought not since you obviously don’t know much about football outside of England.
    As far as what he has not done for West Ham…how can he do anything at all sitting on a bench? How many full games has the guy played since he arrived?. West Ham stick two international super stars on a bench and then blame them for their losing streak…Really, is the world ‘that’ stupid???
    Tevez is a genius when given the chance to play…Pards put him on the wing ..that is not his position…and Mascherano is the best in defensive mid….What has gone wrong here? Pardew, the press and stupid people who think they know what they are talking about, that’s what! I hope the two of them go to Chelsea…they must be well fed up of the West Ham bullshit!!!!!

  2. Irena is right, Tevez is highly praised and you also, take away from Teddy and his great effort.
    He led Corinthians to glory in ’05; and was the player of the year in Brasilian football. Argentina also got Olympic gold with Tevez.
    Let’s hope the Hammers players start playing cohesively, then look out baby!

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