Where have all the soccer videos gone ?

They are going going gone – alas – because Video-sharing service YouTube has wiped nearly 30,000 files from its website after Japanese media companies said their copyright was being infringed.
Football videos featured on YouTube, and subsequently on other sites like SoccerGolazo, 101greatgoals and others are being stopped.
Reports here and also here.

One comment on “Where have all the soccer videos gone ?
  1. Screw them. Why can’t they figure out a way to capitalize on the popularity of the clips. Toss a small link window that relates to the video on the bottom of all the windows. As long as it doesn’t interfere with the playback, like adverts at the beginning that you have to wait through, I could care less. If they had a link sending me to a website that sells Real merchandise, or to the FA website so I can look at scores, or something like that it would be much better. If they can it on this website it will just pop up somewhere else. Stupid people.

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