Andrew Jenning’s FOUL! exposes Sepp Blatter, Jack Warner, and FIFA

Andrew Jennings is in the forefront of exposing corruption in the sporting world. His most famous book translated into 13 languages is The Lord of the Rings, in which he reveals the fascist leanings of Juan Antonio Samaranch, an acolyte of Francisco Franco, the Spanish dictator and the IOC (International Olympic Committee). He has documented the machinations, the vested interests, the influence peddling that goes on that keeps bureaucrats like Blatter in power. Jenning’s investigation revealed the International Sports and Leisure (ISL) management company’s cosy relationship of kickbacks and bribes with FIFA.
Jennings has also fallen afoul of Jack Warner, the powerful vice-president of FIFA. Warner represents the North American and Caribbean council whose 37 votes kept Blatter in power in the 2002 FIFA elections. In exchange, Blatter awarded Warner with the TV rights, originally intended for Selby Brown’s Caribbean Sports Network.
Jennings work on exposing Jack Warner’s ties to the exclusive selling of tickets for the World Cup this year through a family owned business led them to a physical altercation earlier this year when Jennings approached the FIFA Vice President at Piarco International Airport. Warner repeatedly pushed Jennings and accosted the BBC cameraman accompanying him.
Read the first chapter of Andrew Jenning’s book FOUL! It is a fascinating preview into a world that an ordinary football fan is not privy to. The world of holding onto power at all costs. And that should resonate with us over here in the US, as we head to the November 7th elections.

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