Arsenal: Schizophrenic performances perplex fans

Who can understand this year’s Arsenal? Are they sublime or utterly ridiculous? After tearing Liverpool’s heart out, 3-0, they lose to West Ham, 0-1, and today, Nicolas Anelka scored a brace against his former club, as Arsenal crashed out to Bolton, 1-3.
It was more of the same, beautiful flowing football despite Bolton’s physical approach to the game but yet again poor finishing let down the Gunners. Meanwhile, Bolton continues along in fine fashion in third position, 7 points behind Chelsea presently, with the monster game between the Blues and the Red Devils ahead. Sam Allardyce is making Jose Mourinho look like a clown.

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2 comments on “Arsenal: Schizophrenic performances perplex fans
  1. The score line doesn’t reflect the game Arsenal had. Bolton basically converted their chances. Bolton are 9th mate, not 3rd.

  2. As an Arsenal supporter, I have been tearing out my hair this season. I can’t figure it out. I’ve read all the analyses, all the solutions put forth by pundits and fans. I’m just ready to throw something at someone already. One thing is clear, and it’s pretty obvious: Arsenal are missing Bergkamp, Vieira and Pires. And Arsene has simply not yet been able to re-build effectively in their absence.

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