Graham Poll is giving out the cards again

Hmmmmm…Yellow ? …or Red ?…or both ..?
Choices , choices !!
Graham Poll is breaking news again.John Terry was sent off for the first time in 288 games the other day.
“Their discipline is out of order and they needed to be taught a lesson.” is what the Chelsea players are saying they heard Poll say.
James McFadden has been the next to get a red card- sent off in the 19th minute of the Everton vs Arsenal Carling cup game yesterday – because Poll thought McFadden called him a cheat.
FA probe ?

One comment on “Graham Poll is giving out the cards again
  1. Is Poll the guy, that was in that card mess of Croatia vs. Australia?
    Apparently, they need an FA Probe; but if he is clean; let it be then.

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