Klinsmann: A step closer to becoming the US MNT coach

Der Speigel reports that Sunil Gulati, president of US Soccer met with Jurgen Klinsmann, hoping that after taking a 3 month break from international soccer he would be ready to take on the mantle of the US team.
Klinsmann recently attended a leadership seminar in North Carolina run by Mike Krzyzewski, the Duke University basketball coach who has led the Blue Devils to many NCAA titles.
Can we read much into this? Is Klinsmann taking notes into the psyche of the American athlete who attend university, as seen in the US MNT? A phenomenon very different from European soccer where very few players actually go to college and mostly end up in club affiliated youth academies.
Gulati has said that he hopes to announce a new coach by the middle of November and that the person would have to be familiar with the game and the players in the United States, and to speak English and Spanish (or be willing to learn).
Klinsmann does not know Spanish but has expressed his willingness to learn. He lives in California, so he will get every opportunity to practice his Spanish.

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