Lehmann’s cheat sheet up for sale.

Argentina vs Germany Quarter Final Penalty Shootout
Remember Lehmann’s cheat sheet ?
Lehmann consulted it and dived in the right direction 4 times – bringing off 2 great saves.
Germany’s goalkeeping coach Andreas Kopke wrote it on a piece of paper ripped from a hotel notepad. Details such as “[Julio] Cruz – stand tall, don’t move, dive right”.
For Argentina’s second penalty-taker, Roberto Ayala, it said: “Ayala – look at shooting foot, left low.” Sure enough, Ayala placed the ball low to Lehmann’s left and it was advantage Germany.
Esteban Cambiasso had to score to keep Argentina in the tournament. Lehmann’s notes said: “Wait, stand tall, left corner.” He duly made an impressive stop to his left.
The cheat sheet is now up for sale.
Lehmann has revealed that he plans to sell his top secret penalty shootout note.The funds raised will go to a charity for sick children.The auction is due to take place in Berlin on the 16th of December.
Beats writing a book about a headbutt I guess !!

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