Manchester City Poll axed !

Graham Poll is back in the news.He was barely out and he’s back in.
This time its for disallowing a goal that was headed in for Manchester City by Georgios Samaras .
Brian Reade writing in the mirror is saying that Poll has a batman complex !!
“WHEN a young Bruce Wayne saw his parents killed by some two-bit hood he changed his name to the Caped Crusader and dedicated his life to freeing Gotham City’s streets of scum.
Little did he know the inspiration his exploits would offer to a would-be Batman in the small Hertfordshire town of Tring.
Because when Graham Poll saw his career prospects killed by handing out three yellow cards to a Croatian hatchet-man in the World Cup, he changed into the Card Crusader and dedicated his life to ridding football pitches of crimes against his ego. “……read more
Another fallout is of all this is that the people of Poll’s sleepy market Town Tring are now embarassed to talk about where they live.
“Once upon a time if you told people you were from Tring, they’d say, ‘Oh yeah, that’s where (Walter] Rothschild is from.’ Now they just say, ‘Oh, that’s where that bloody referee lives.’ …………..!!!”

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