Meet Paul Dalglish: Football legend’s son finds a home in Texas

Kenny Dalglish, Liverpool and Scotland Paul Dalglish, Houston Dynamo
Today as the Houston Dynamo takes on the New England Revolution for the MLS title, a legend will be watching his son from the stands. Yes, Kenny Dalglish of Celtic, Liverpool, and Scotland fame will be in the stands witnessing his son Paul, a striker for the Dynamo take on the Revs defense.
In fact, his father will also be seeing a former Liverpool teammate, Steve Nicol pacing the sideline. Nicol is the coach of the Revolution. So this match up runs deep in football history.
What does Paul Dalglish think of playing in a league which is treated as a bit of a joke by Europeans?
“It’s hard to compare the standard with that at home. It’s a much more European style of play, partly because of the heat.
“It’s more possession football, there are no long balls from front to back and the pace is slower until play gets into the final third. That’s when it speeds up to score goals, which suits me.”
Dalglish sees the MLS future as bright.
“But with the resources people are prepared to put in if it really takes off in 10-15 years’ time all the American players will want to stay and play in their domestic league.”
Paul Dalglish may not be in the class of his father but he appears to be a chip of the old block.
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