The legend that was Puskas: Eduardo Galeano remembers

Eduardo Galeano has a delightful entry on Ferenc Puskas in his immensely readable book Soccer in Sun and Shadow (Verso, 2003)
It was 1961. Real Madrid was playing at home against Atletico of Madrid.
No sooner had the game begun when Ferenc Puskas scored a double goal, just as Zizinho had in the ’50 World Cup. The Hungarian striker for Real Madrid executed a free kick at the edge of the box and the ball went in. But as Puskas celebrated with his arms in the air the referee went up to him. “I’m sorry,” he said, “but I didn’t whistle.”
So Puskas shot again. He kicked the ball with his left foot, as before, and the ball traveled the same path: like a cannonball over the heads of the same players in the wall and just like the goal that had been disallowed, it landed in the upper left corner of the net tended by Madinabeytia, who leapt as before and, as before, was unable even to graze it.

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