Jurgen Klinsmann turns down US soccer job

It is official. Jurgen Klinsmann is no longer in the running for the US MNT coaching job. He reportedly turned it down according to a US Soccer official. A formal announcement will be made on Thursday by US Soccer. Klinsmann had been courted for months by US Soccer following Bruce Arena’s resignation.
This means that US soccer can now chase Sven Goran Erickson, Eric Gerets, or better still Guus Hiddink.

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5 comments on “Jurgen Klinsmann turns down US soccer job
  1. Phil
    Was just thinking about that! Since when was a basketball player and a former US Senator in charge of a soccer team? Anyways, it still does not make a difference. We still lose out.

  2. thank you very much herr
    klinsmann for not becomming
    USA soccer coach—they do not deserve a coach like you—they will never never
    understand and comprehend
    what soccer is all about..
    Thank you for not selling out to a team that can’t
    wait to beat the german
    national team and then brag about it for month on

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