Juve to appeal five game ban for Nedved

Lawyers for Juventus will appeal a five game ban slapped on Pavel Nedved following last week’s match versus Genoa in Italy’s highly-competitive second division Serie B tournament. Nedved was punished for a purposely stepping on the ankle of an opponent, and later hurling derogatory remarks at the referee. It probably didn’t help matters that the Czech midfielder inadvertently stepped on the ref’s foot while protesting his punishment…
Nedved, on his third disciplinary suspension this season, had this to say: “Zidane got a three game suspension for a headbutt and I get five for stepping on someone’s foot. You tell me if that’s fair.”

One comment on “Juve to appeal five game ban for Nedved
  1. Every one has a good day or a bad day at the office, ok Nedved maybe over reacted at the referee’s decision, but I saw what happen, I saw the game, what did not help was the referee (Farina) made a few decisions which left you a bit aghast to say the least, then the FIGC stepped in and read the referee’s note and acted with a five match ban, how did they get to that, well you’ll all know who is part of the FIGC (well if you don’t here is the members name Moratti, yes the same person who was the main activist that sent Juve in Seria B with false allegations, so Inter could get the Scudetto), earlier in the season an inter player spat at an opponent (can’t remember who) but because the referee did not see it but the tv did, inter objected to it and got away with it, question is why? Two seasons ago Ibrahimovic grabbed Recoba by the neck against not seen by the referee in charge, but tv saw it and was used against Ibra who got a three match ban, again why one law for one and one law for another, Juve have to appeal against this decision and send a message to the clowns that they will not tolerate such stupidity, and they say football is been cleaned up? Like hell..

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