Meet Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum: Liverpool FC’s new owner

Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum faces a lawsuit from families that have accused him of enslaving about 30,000 children and forcing them to be camel jockeys in races in the UAE. The US State Department reports that “thousands of children, some as young as three or four years of age, are trafficked from Bangladesh, Pakistan and countries in East Africa, and sold into slavery to serve as camel jockeys. These children live in an oppressive environment and endure harsh living conditions.”
Other than that he is a nice guy and will help Liverpool win many Premiership titles.

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8 comments on “Meet Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum: Liverpool FC’s new owner
  1. If you check your facts, child jockeys have been banned in the middle east for some time now, and Sheikh Mohammed was instrumental in making this happen, there was a lawsuit for 6 children (not 30,000) but has all come to nothing. Might want to get your facts right next time, all though what you’re really tryin to say is that you’re gutted cause Liverpools going to have a load of money and obviously who ever you support doesn’t…. nevermind

  2. Paul
    Families of six children in a class action suit with upto 30,000 children who were affected.
    Sheikh Mohammad and his brother were responsible for this unsavoury practice and then they get a conscience because it affects their business takeovers.
    You should check the people you are selling your soul to. Its not worth it.

  3. With Liverpool and NewCastle as takeover candidates, that would bring the total of EPL teams with foreign ownership up to eight, along with those six already foreign owned, Aston Villa, West Ham, Chelsea, Manchester Utd, Fulham and Portsmouth per the BBC. Seems like a lot; good time to like my Rovers, though nothing much againsts foreign ownership. By the way, Middle Eastern countries should be given due respect for their soccer, they rarely make a splash in the World Cup; which I don’t quite understand because I have seens quite skillful play in some of their games.

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