Perry Groves: Buy his book for some Christmas cheer

Perry Groves is a lot more fun than Ashley Cole and he did it all for the love of the game and Arsenal, his club. Unlike Mr Tweedy.
So buy his book. Groves gives 110% in his book like he did when playing for Arsenal.
Arseblog puts out a Xmas wish: Tell your friends and family that this is what you want for Christmas. Order now. Let’s make Perry Groves officially much, much better than Ashley Cole.
Here is a bit of from a recent Perry Grove interview:
Small Talk: Snatching the title off Liverpool at Anfield in the dying seconds of the 1989 season must have been a pretty good moment too …
PG: Of course, and a lot of people overlook the part I played in Michael Thomas’s winner. No one’s ever thanked me for changing Arsenal’s whole history with a decoy run that took out the Liverpool defence! [Guffaws uproariously] What’s more, that’s basically what George Graham had told me to do.
A merry prankster that Perry Groves. And a cult hero.

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