Sir Alex does Real Salt Lake a Real Big Favor

Europe, here I come. Hey! Europe. Are you deaf? Damn you, Sir Alex!
Freddy Adu’s touchy relationship with Peter Nowak, the DC United coach ended with his trade to Real Salt Lake where he will be under the more laissez faire John Ellinger. Nowak’s desire to discipline Adu made it difficult to get playing minutes in DC United. Adu was not indispensable to DC United’s chances this season. And given the way they played it still seem somewhat incomprehensible that they did not win their third MLS title. On the other hand, Adu has a chance to be a big fish in a small pond at Real Salt Lake. Why? Because Adu’s recent training camp at Man Utd amounted to a slap on his face and a move to Europe extremely difficult. The only way he can now do this is to turn around almost single handedly RSL’s fortunes and to make it a MLS contender.
When Sir Alex speaks, people listen. This is bad news for Adu and his chances of getting to play in Europe. He will succeed but it might not be the European top flight clubs anymore. I also have a feeling that his desire to play for the Ghana squad might be rekindled along the way.
Meanwhile RSL is gambling that Adu will not get enough firm offers from European clubs and in the end decide to spend 2-3 years in the club enough to change their fortunes and get the necessary return on their investment. For this they have to thank Sir Alex who has effectively kept Adu’s plans for a European sojourn in a limbo.

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2 comments on “Sir Alex does Real Salt Lake a Real Big Favor
  1. Watever the hell r u babbling abt? By saying Adu have less chance of going to Europe jus becus he had went for a trial in Man Utd makes utterly no sense at all…do u know there were countless of players tat went for trial there and still got into top flight teams.
    Get your facts right before making such bias article in future pls.

  2. Zidane was too slow for the Algerian National Team, surly, examples abound, the kid is still so young.
    And what’s more, I’ve read people saying that RSL shares facilities with “The” Real.
    This is like the Klinsmann episode whereas circumstances are not altogether clear however, I would interpret it in the same way.

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