Blatter in an apologetic mood

Every now and then Blatter seems to get these conscience attacks which then compel him to make an apology …!
He has made his first apology for 2007.He apologised to Italy yesterday for not personally awarding the team with the World Cup trophy.
“History will say it was an error that the Fifa president did not award the Azzurri as world champions, and in effect it was an error,” Blatter said. More such Blattertalk here…..
Meanwhile Plymouth manager Ian Holloway is facing possible disciplinary action from the Football Association after allegedly saying the following
”Sepp Blatter: you are an idiot. Put the rules back to what they should be. He is a complete lunatic”.
This because he was upset over changes in the offside rule.
And for those among us who are never really absolutely sure what’s offside and what’s not[this includes refs and linesmen] – here’s some help from FIFA…!

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