Just give this year’s Premiership to the Gunners

Ah! Yes but wait. The Man Utd stalwarts will remind us is the small question of the 12 point lead that the Red Devils enjoy over Arsenal. Short of a secession from the FA or an outright implosion of the team, this lead looks insurmountable. And likely to remain as Man Utd faces teams down the home stretch that it has beaten quite comfortably in the past.
However, when it comes down to playing the highlight reels of the season’s games and the video clips courtesy the good folks at You Tube, there will be only one result that will matter. The dismantling of the Red Devils at the hands of the Gunners. Utterly and comprehensively beaten in the last 10 minutes of Saturday’s game. Man U might still walk away with this year’s Premiership but it will walk away knowing fully well that it was not the best team. The defeats at Old Trafford and at the Emirates are reminders of that pyrrhic victory.
The Gunners actually played a subpar game on Saturday and their final touch was awful with Rosicky the perpetrator on numerous occasion either being too forceful or too tentative. As seems to be the wont, in this game too, Arsenal was missing key personnel without the steadying influence of Gilberto and the less experienced Flamini filling in. However, along the way, the young Guns have found what the English call, character. Oddly enough in the one team that lacks an English starter. At various points Arsenal have been without Henry, Rosicky, Fabregas, Toure, Eboue, and Gilberto but have managed to fight back admirably. Man Utd on the other hand have been blessed with very few injuries. In Saturday’s game a new myth was created and an old one buried: Arsenal as the comeback kings and not writing off Man Utd till the final whistle blew.

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9 comments on “Just give this year’s Premiership to the Gunners
  1. “Man U might still walk away with this year’s Premiership but it will walk away knowing fully well that it was not the best team”
    mate, i’ve been a gunner for 28 years, but that statement is utter b0ll0cks i’m afraid. the best team wins the league, fact.

  2. I do have to say, that first half was one of the most fantastic I’ve ever seen. Things definitely tailed off in the second (and I’m a Man U fan for reasons far to ridiculous to go into here), but good lord was that first half worth the price of admission. Wow.

  3. If you are indeed the best team then you have to win against your peers and not just against Charlton or Watford.
    Getting beaten twice by Arsenal IMO does not qualify Man U as the best team. They might win more games overall but the Arsenal victories will remind them that when it came to making that statement they came up short.

  4. I don’t know, Shourin. It’s looked to me all season like Arsenal has a habit of playing either up or down to the level of their competition, but not actually just taking command of the league. I’d also have to add the caveat of “beating Man U twice does not qualify Arsenal as the best team, either.”

  5. And if I’m correct, MUFC knocked out of the FA Cup? It shows a diff. between winning a 38 game season and winning some of the other trophies!

  6. Sean
    Man U is still in the FA Cup. They beat Aston Villa 2-1 and meet Portsmouth this weekend.
    Phillip, I agree about Arsenal’s lack of consistency especially getting beaten by more physical teams like Bolton and Sheffield Utd. But something changed in the game against Blackburn, another physical team. With a player down, Arsenal did not buckle. I think you will see a more authoritative Arsenal this second half of the season.
    At this point I think Sir Alex has more questions than Wenger in regards to his team,especially Man U’s aging midfield.

  7. Rubbish. Utd have been the best team this season and I am an Arsenal fan. ‘Two’ swallows don’t make a summer. Next season however…and yeah, it might just be me but wasn’t the game on SUNDAY?

  8. henry is not a big game player? mmmmm.. henry rarely scores with a header? double mmmmm…machester ‘divided’ beaten by a squad less the cost of rio and rooney? eh! gael clichy keeps ronaldo quite? …really?
    now fellas! who is the illest in this premiership? i bet u all know that now.
    teams were struggling to beat the ‘kings’ but the ‘aces’ are back!
    wonderful things are happening in this world o!

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