LA Galaxy to get David Beckham?

David Beckham is officially acknowledging what players do in their waning years, come to the USA to end their career. And LA is the best destination as he has his soccer academy, Hollywood friends like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and a fashion conscious city that takes their fashionistas seriously. And wife, Posh was spotted looking for a house to buy.
But just like his career, where Becks would disappear for 89 minutes and then in a minute produce magic, his departure from Real still has this ‘ will he won’t he’ quality. There is this confusion as to what Madrid sports director Predrag Mijatovic said to an Italian TV channel. However, it is clear that under Fabio Capello, he would have very limited opportunities to start. Capello prefers Raul Gonzlaez or Jose Antonio Reyes to start on the right flank.
None of the big English clubs would want him as he just does not fit in with the teams. Leading the skepticism, were Man Utd fans who stated that Beckham would struggle to find a place in the first team. The only club that might even dream of taking him would be Liverpool with an injured Luis Garcia out for the next six months. Liverpool’s midfield line is a bit banged up with Mark Gonzalez, Harry Kewell, and Mohammed Sissoko out with injuries. Inter is not interested in him as he currently does not fit their plans and a transfer rumour to OM was primarily floated because Sven Goran Erickson is soon to be their manager.
So Becks, welcome to the US! Your new team will have players who are not household names but then that is still the state of soccer out here.
Fox Sports asks a question: If Beckham comes to the US, can the former England captain be to MLS what Pele was to NASL.? The answer Fox Sports is a resounding No! Becks has not the iota of genius that Pele had. And more importantly, he lacks the image of Pele, as the people’s player. A combination that had Muhammad Ali acknowledging that there were two superstars in the world.
William Hill has cut the odds from 9-4 to 5-4 for Beckham to join the MLS.

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2 comments on “LA Galaxy to get David Beckham?
  1. “Big English Clubs” might mean the top 5; but surely, there were rumours of Beckham being pursued by Blackburn and by West Ham.
    A month or so ago; talk of the Glazers and all that, was talking about a Man U West? And I thought it was in regards to the Galaxy. It sounded like a neat concept. Perhaps it will be revived; or I may not be remembering this correctly at all.

  2. Tom
    Absolutely correct! The Glazers are looking to build a Man Utd franchise in the USA with Becks as the central figure and maybe even the player manager just like Gianluca Vialli at Chelsea. They are in talks with the Anschutz group who control the LA Galaxy to partner with them and in return the LA Galaxy will be renamed to reflect the Man Utd heritage.

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