Owen Hargreaves is not worth it

There are reports that Man Utd is now close to giving up on Owen Hargreaves transferring this January.
Owen Hargreaves shares a reciprocal and single minded obsession with Sir Alex which sees him playing at Old Trafford. Sir Alex is willing to shell out £23 million pounds, an astronomical amount of money to get Hargreaves into a Red Devils uniform. An amount that Bayern Munich has turned down. This sort of money begs the question, is Owen Hargreaves worth it? Is he all that good a player?
He is to all purports an average midfielder who made good in this World Cup as part of a somnambulistic England squad for which only a couple of players showed up to play.An English team so smitten with asthenia and devoid of animation that Owen Hargreaves was a standout with his friskiness. Nicky Butt would have been a livewire in this bunch of Kevin Costner deadpan lookalikes. Friskiness is good but 23 million pounds should buy you a lot more than that. How about some talent and skill? Hargreaves is a penny stock grossly overvalued in a desperate market. Plus, Hargreaves is Canadian. When did you last see a Canadian make good in soccer?
Man Utd is better off spending far less money on a younger talent. And if they really want to waste money then they can donate to savedarfur.org for a far, far more worthy cause.

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2 comments on “Owen Hargreaves is not worth it
  1. When did you last see a writer contradict himself in a way that makes him look foolish by writing something like ‘when did you last see a Canadian make good in soccer’ and then following it up with a post about Racism, nationhood and politics?

  2. James
    Just being tongue in cheek. Everyone loves to riff on Canada. Nothing racist meant with that remark.

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