Shevchenko scores 2 in Chelsea win

Andriy Shevchenko made Mourinho smile at him again with a double strike against Wycombe Wanderers . Chelsea won 4-0 at Stamford Bridge and are through to the Carling Cup final.

Afterwards Mourinho paid tribute to Shevchenko, telling Sky Sports: “I demand commitment, effort, being aggressive, working and playing for the team, working with the ball, working without the ball – that’s what I demand.
“He did that, scored two goals, created some more. He was alive all the time while on the pitch. I think it’s a step forward in the direction of how we want him to play and perform on the pitch.
“The team is happy with him. It’s not just about me being happy with him.”
Earlier on the 20th of this month he had put Shevchenko on for last 17 minutes of the 2-0 defeat at Liverpool. Afterwards he shook hands with all his team except the Ukrainian.

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