The strange case of Jared Borghetti

There are a number of reports that portray the ambiguous feelings of the Hispanic population to the Beckham move. The LA Galaxy has a sizable Hispanic fan base but the roster shows only two players of Latino ethnicity and both are Americans. There are no players from any of the Mexican clubs like Cruz Azul, Pachuca, Club America, or Gualdajara although So Cal has many passionate fans of the Mexican league who attend the matches that these clubs play. So the Beckham transfer has the populace split between those who believe that it does not make a difference where he comes from as long as he plays good exciting soccer and those that wonder when the next great Hispanic player to capture the imagination will come along.
But there is. And he is Jared Borghetti, the best Mexican striker still playing for club and country. The most prolific goalscorer in national team history and known as the Desert Fox (El Zorro del Desierto) for his phenomenal poaching abilities. Borghetti became the first Mexican to sign up for a Premiership club when he joined Bolton in 2005. In 2006 he left Bolton and joined Al Ittihad.
When Borghetti announced that he was breaking his contract with Ittihad in December 2006, teams from Spain, France, and England showed interest. He finally returned home and joined Cruz Azul for their 2007 season. Borghetti has kept up his prolific scoring and at Bolton showed that he did not have a long learning curve scoring 7 goals in 19 appearances in the tough Premiership. At Ittihad he scored 10 goals in 15 matches. Unlike Beckham, there were no questions regarding Borghetti’s ability to deliver.
The LA Galaxy, oddly enough did not think to woo a player like Borghetti after he announced his availability. You really have to question the criminal amount of money that they have thrown Beckham’s way when they could have spent infinitely less for someone who is a proven sporting icon to many in the LA Galaxy fan base and has a better track record. Borgetti would have advanced the cause of soccer in the MLS with far less ambiguity.

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3 comments on “The strange case of Jared Borghetti
  1. There is one problem with Borghetti coming to the US. He never would. Borghetti is one of the main protagonists in the US-Mexico rivalry and it doesn’t matter how much money the MLS would’ve offered him, he’d never want to play in America.

  2. Frank
    Point taken. I also think that Borghetti would have not come to the US given his primary role in the US-Mexico rivalry. However, I would have given credit to the MLS for trying to bring him over.
    Also, thanks for bringing to my attention that it is Borghetti and not Borgetti.

  3. I suppose what you are saying about Borghetti not ever wanting to play in the USA could be correct, still; something like 1 out of every 12 Mexicans, maybe even more; come to work in the USA, so why is it different in this case? (and I say meaning no sort of arrogance or insensitivity- believe me)If the reason given is the rivalry, perhaps Chivas USA could sway him.

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