Things that Sir Alex did not say

It is always interesting to hear what your former manager has to say, especially an opinionated one, such as Sir Alex. In Beckham’s case, his relationship with Sir Alex rapidly went downhill during the 1999-2000 season as the Man Utd manager began questioning Becks work ethic with his increasing fame and off field distractions. Although Man Utd won the Premiership that season, the damage to their relationship was already done. Things came to a head in the 2003 season when a furious Sir Alex kicked a football shoe following a loss against Arsenal that struck Beckham over the eye and required stitches. The Beckham era at Man Utd was over and he was transfered to Real in 2003.
So what does Sir Alex say about the jaw dropping multimillion dollar Beckham deal with the LA Galaxy. Or in this case what he did not say.
Ferguson said: “I anticipated that. It was to be expected he would go to America.
I told you the guy was more interested in Hollywood and not soccer.
“He had the opportunity to go to America and with the kind of money being talked about he had to consider that.
Having a wife like Posh, you gotta have deep pockets.
“Having played for us and deep down being a United fan he would not have come back to another English club.
At this point he would be lucky if he got an offer from Walsall.
“We wish him well – there are simple reasons I think! He was a terrific player for United.
He was terrific insofar as I made him terrific. Otherwise he was just another project.
“It is a big career change, playing for Real Madrid and going to America.
Real is a real club where they play real soccer.
“His position at Madrid has probably accelerated the move.
Am I glad that we transferred him when we had the chance. Imagine having to see his mug on the bench at every game.
“He has only played a few games this season and he cannot be happy with that. Every top player wants to play.”
Who is he kidding? With a bum knee and a questionable work ethic, every minute he got to play was one too many. He should be ecstatic.

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  1. i rekon it is a good thing to go to la galaxy but i still think he shall end his career in manutd after la galaxy
    ronaldo is the BEST EVR PLAYER

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