When grown men fight: Sir Alex and Jose Mourinho

Just like two old ladies swinging their handbags at each other. Very Monty Pythonesque!
Jose Mourinho was chortling to himself after Man Utd failed to put away Newcastle. The lead that the Red Devils enjoy over the Blues is just a half dozen. Mourinho was making light of the lack of Man U’s killer instinct. Sir Alex, never one to mince words hit back by saying that Chelsea was running out of luck.
Each is now trying to get into the other’s head. Perfect. Now Arsenal can sneak past them as they food fight.

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One comment on “When grown men fight: Sir Alex and Jose Mourinho
  1. Yeesssss. Hate to piss on your parade, but Arsenal couldn’t sneak past a dozing dead person at the moment.
    And well played Sheffield United, by the way.

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