Kenya’s FIFA impasse continues

With virtually no soccer being played in their country because of the FIFA suspension, Kenyan players have left to play for neighbouring countries like Uganda, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The next match up for Kenya is their Africa Cup qualifier with Swaziland. The Kenya Football Federation has been ordered to sort out their problems in a Special General Meeting by February 28 after which they have been threatened by a lengthy, indefinite ban. At issue is two warring factions that run parallel football leagues. A CAF commitee is in Nairobi meeting with the officials of the two factions.

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2 comments on “Kenya’s FIFA impasse continues
  1. Fifa is partly to blame for soccer problems in kenya.why financially support office bearer’s who are not accountable to kenyan players,soccer fans,citizens or gov’t .

  2. The problem here is not Kenya, it’s FIFA’s dictatorial powers. It is ridiculous that some bureaucrats in Switzerland are telling a country that it can’t have two leagues, or any other arrangements it chooses. A less prominent but equally chilling case is playing out in the US now over FIFA’s power play to take control of futsal globally. The US futsal organization has existed for decades independently and owns the trademark to futsal in the US. FIFA has threatened to sanction USSF unless it brings US Futsal to heel, but FIFA and USSF haven’t got a leg to stand on in terms of US (or Kenyan) law. They are just a bunch of corrupt global bullies. Football desperately needs a viable alternative to FIFA. I’m hoping for an alternative code to emerge, as in rugby, that will exist parallel to conventional football with perhaps slight rule differences but the same essential skills on display. Either that or some even bigger power than FIFA, like the EU or UN, needs to intervene.

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