Liverpool takes up golf under new owners

It seems under the new US owners, some players have taken up golf, except that they are not whacking balls but going after their team mates. Craig Bellamy decided he was par for the course >>
Liverpool got outplayed by Newcastle, 2-1 and drew with Everton, 0-0. And now Bellamy maybe exiting Liverpool. Not what you would call an auspicious start by the new owners.

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3 comments on “Liverpool takes up golf under new owners
  1. To start with, we never got outplayed by newcastle. We simply had a bad day in front of goal.If you know anything about football you would not be writing stupid sentences such as we got outplayed by newcastle.
    Get your facts right.

  2. Anybody who bothers to write about this story and doesn’t understand that it’s original publisher was a Portuguese tabloid and was later picked up by NOTW, a British tabloid, isn’t too keen on facts to begin with. This incident never happened, it was fabricated by shunned journalists. Riise looked fine in practice photos over the weekend from Melwood.

  3. Ha Ha funny! With Bellamy and Pennant what else do you expect? Fowler is a bit surprising, I thought he had learned from past experiences.

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