MLS fan: US business feels your pain

US businessmen have spent 2.5 billion dollars buying out Premiership clubs like there is no tomorrow. It has become an epidemic with Malcolm Glazer, Randy Lerner, and now George Gillett and Tom Hicks the owners of Man Utd, Aston Villa, and Liverpool. Forget the other countless failed bids.
Meanwhile across the pond, our domestic league struggles to reinvent itself, pinning its hopes on an aging Brit soccer star and his wife (don’t kid yourself, Posh is part of the deal) to transform the MLS to a sports behemoth. We have blown a wad on Beckham sparking of a debate whether this will prove to be one of history’s biggest sporting busts. This when MLS players earn on an average, a measly $100,000.
Tell me if there is something not quite right with this picture?

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