5 goals short of a thousand

Romario scored three in a recent game for his club Vasco da Gama and says he needs another 5 to make it a nice tidy one thousand goals in all.The claim is being met with some scepticism and it is being said that Romario’s creativity in juggling the ball on the field is matched by his creativity in juggling the records about the number of goals he has scored in the past.
Pelé is the only player known to have surpassed the 1,000-goal mark. He scored 1,281 goals in 1,363 matches, according to FIFA’s Web site. Pelé said he respects Romario and views him as a great player, but doesn’t hide his doubts about the 1,000-goal claim.
“The difference is that all my goals counted and are on the record,” said Pelé, whose 1,000th goal came when he was 29 and in his prime.
But Romario at the age of 41 insists that another 5 are all that are between him and the champagne and the fireworks and the celebrations and perhaps the hanging up of the old boots at last.
Video of that last last hat trick here.

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  1. I am Brazilian and I do love my Pele but his own claims about how many goals he’s scored are suspect. He counts goals in friendlies, which I don’t think should be included.

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