Drogba for peace

Drogba is doing his bit to unite the people of his divided nation.He took his African Player of the Year golden ball award to Bouake in the north of Ivory Coast to show to the people.”I have come here to offer you a golden ball, it’s the golden ball for the whole of the Ivory Coast.” More on that story here.

One comment on “Drogba for peace
  1. Well; famed Ivory Coast Reggae singer Alpha Blondy is an ambassador to peace for Ivory Coast.
    Excuse me, I’ll just say, it’d be interesting to hear what people say of the troubles that have been there. I understand that Abidjan, CIV’s big city has been called the Paris of Africa; Ivory Coast the jewel of Africa; and so, immigrants from the poorer surrounding nations went there to work. I understand this is what a lot of this is about. Before it was a peaceful place. How interesting it is is when France is talked about with it’s players from different countries but some places like DR Congo seem rather unpalatable. We can see, even Ivory Coast’s neighbors in the area of Togo and especially Liberia and Sierra Leone have been deeply afflicted with war or tyranny.
    That’s my small take on what is going on there and too, Didier was in the news not long ago also about campaigning against AIDS in Africa. Yeh, I’ve liked him as a player; and he’s had some problems himself in football such as in the notorious incident with the Tottenham fan. He really comes off like a good guy though.
    Like I said, any discussion of these issues from anyone, I’d be very interested to hear what your shout is.
    And humbly, I thank Shourin Roy and Anish for giving us the time and space to respond to some of these issues.

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