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  1. Upset; do they say that in England, Arsenal fans were saying, “why prolong the agony” from the playoff; but if the Rovers had lost; it would have been that they crashed out of two tournaments within about a weeks time; losing the UEFA game to Bayern Leverkusen I believe last Thursday. Bound to be one of Blackburn’s biggest wins in awhile. And didn’t Arsenal run up 4 goals against them not too long ago, written about in this blog.

  2. Tom
    You are right. Rovers crashed out of the UEFA cup beaten by Leverkusen. Blackburn were beaten by the Gunners, 6-2 in a Premiership game. I think the young Gunners side is going through fatigue after playing so many games (FA, Carling, Championship) in a condensed period of time.

  3. Not only fatigue, but massive injuries – Arsenal has about 11 players out on injury. Wenger was forced to put an indifferent squad out on there on the pitch yesterday. He has very few options right now. And every game seems like another player gets another injury. It’s hilarious hearing Mourinho complain about injuries right now – nothing can compare with this season for Arsenal. Gotta be the worst season for injuries under Wenger’s term.

  4. And, I think, the overriding factor to Arsenal’s game, was that Chelsea game, just took too much out of them, that was a major fracas; and Eboue today, just got a “violent misconduct ban”; and Arsenal played in the Champions League last week too. Like Shourin Roy said, fatigue; and just too much going on with them in a span of 10 days. On top of all that, a game at Emirates would probably hold (and I don’t know all the details) but I am thinking 70,000 vs. going to Ewood and playing before 18,000. It’s not easy to just keep on riding a crest; but I think, that despite being professionals; the fracas Sunday, undermined Arsenal.

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