Hawkeye to end uncertainty

The English Premiership is all set to to follow the example of tennis and introduce Hawkeye technology to end uncertainty over goal-line decisions – so that everyone can then be totally certain when a ball is completely over the goal line or not completely over the goal line and so live happily ever after.
But there’s a spaniard in the works. Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal has been complaining that hawkeye caused him to lose a match in Dubai recently….!
“Today (Thursday night) I lost the first set in the last point because I saw, and the referee (umpire) knows because he saw the ball outside,” Nadal told reporters.
“The mark of the ball was still on court and it was outside but in the challenge it was in, so that’s unbelievable.”
According to the disappointed Spaniard, even umpire Roland Herfel agreed the ball was out, but umpire’s are instructed to go with the HawkEye call.
“I say to him, ’look, the ball is out’, and he say ’I know’.
So it looks like that happy ending is going to be delayed for a while …

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