Other leagues show less disparity

Lets look at the other leagues and find where the Premiership stands.
The Serie clubs have played a couple of matches less than their English counterparts. Their numbers suggest a similar pattern in that the haves (AC, Roma, Lazio, Palermo) have combined for +100 and the have nots (Ascoli, Reggina, Parma, and Messina) are -63 in the hole. A total goal swing of 163. But take a look at the middle, which is where all the action is taking place in this years’ Serie. This is an active and pushy group of 12 with a goal swing of 113 (+38 and -75). Even when you factor in the point deductions of Milan, Fiorentina, and Lazio it does not change the overall picture very much.
The La Liga clubs are three games behind and the upper tier Sevilla, Barca, Zaragoza, and Valencia combine for +77 and the bottom four Levante, Bilbao, Gimnastic, and Sociedad concede -64. Compared to the Premiership, the top four Liga clubs don’t score as much but the bottom four give away just as many. The Liga’s middle tier has a more graded transition with 29 goals scored and 41 goals against. The Liga GD suggests less overt disparities between clubs as compared to other leagues.
The Bundesliga has fewer clubs (18 clubs) and has played fewer matches (each club has played 25 games). But we can still find a discernible pattern looking at the GD. The Bundesliga shows no obvious lower tier. It has an amorphous middle tier with a huge tail. The top four Schalke, Stuttgart, Bremen, and Bayern have a +64 while Bochum, Frankfurt, Bliefeld, and M’gladbach bottom out with -35. After the first four clubs there are no particularly good or bad clubs that standout. It is a middling league with a few top level teams.
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